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Life in Melaque

Melaque (me LA kay), is how the locals refer to the beach town of San Patricio-Melaque. Bahia de Navidad is a beautiful, deep-water bay, with Melaque on the north end, and the resort town Barra de Navidad on the south end. Although Melaque and Barra are different towns, they are only separated by a lagoon and a pleasant stroll along the beach. You can also catch a bus or a taxi between the two towns.

Melaque is a compact town, everything is within walking distance - either by road, or along the beach. Most social activity centers around the central town square, with an abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops within a few blocks. Houses mingle with businesses, so as you shop for souvenirs, or search for the perfect dinner, you will be greeted by Mexican families relaxing in front of their homes.

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